Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina

Innocent people are charged with crimes every day. Even people that have committed crimes are charged with much more serious crimes than they have committed. A conviction can have serious consequences such as the following: jail time or any sort of criminal record can affect your ability to get a job, to get a loan or scholarship, or to get into the college or educational program that you want. Fortunately, accusations, warrants and indictments are not a conviction and with the right criminal defense lawyer on your side you can potentially beat or lessen your charges.

The government will be throwing all of its resources at you for one purpose alone - a quick conviction.

You need an aggressive Columbia criminal defense attorney that is experienced with these offenses fighting for you. Call Alex Postic today at (803) 771-8081.

A knowledgeable and aggressive attorney qualified with Criminal Offenses can get a full copy of the case against you and start finding the holes in the government’s case. We do this by interviewing the witnesses and the police officers, and using an investigator to find out additional facts about the case.

Alex Postic will help you decide whether you can beat the charges in Court or whether you can get the charges and the penalties reduced significantly.

Rely on criminal defense lawyer, Alex Postic, to fight in your corner. Call today at (803) 771-8081.